To be the change. To be the now.

While the world has just witnessed HD, UHD, High Performance Mobiles, better internet speeds and is lost in building new apps around it, we questioned ourselves about building the future. Media and information are the two dominant drivers in today’s dynamic world. Technology is
the core of creating immersive experiences through the integration of gestures, electronic text, kinetic typography, graphics, moving images, and sound, into a structured digital environment to allow people to interact with the data for appropriate purposes.

Taking a little detour from the usual path, we experimented with Media and Human Computer Interaction and were amazed about the possibilities.


Design driven technology, that integrates content and media for playful and responsive, intuitive and simple interactions; we design smooth and easy
digital experiences, suitable for any user, with a simple navigation flow, interactive and unique touch points and an overall fantastic digital experience.


Recognizing objects, shapes and scapes in the field of view of the Google Cardboard based on physical gestures/movements, this technology creates
immersive virtual environments .We added to it illustrations/annotations, thus using media to take storytelling to the next level.


With Leap Motion, one can interact with digital content in virtual and augmented reality using their hands just as you would in the real world. Our
unique combination of software and hardware tracks the movement of hands and fingers with very low latency, converting it into 3D input.
While many people are still thinking about starting and fiddling around, we got our hands into it, played and built some cool stuff.


We bring a growing range of integrated services to engage retain and build amazing media and visualization tools. In 3D. Our media targets more
devices more easily, allowing one-click deployment to the full range of mobile, VR, desktop, Web, Console and TV platforms. There is no limit to what you can achieve with our media, whether you’re making a clever puzzle app or an open-world action game. We use world class tools like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine for creation of interactive media.


Elevate on top of contexts overlay media on top of recognized images, prints, objects and shapes. Interact with the overlays; consume content unlike
any other medium that you have ever experienced. Prints turn to life and talk to you and have call to action.


Users will be able to walk around a space and have a first person point of view in 3D without being actually there at the location. Ideal for prototyping
and presenting space plans.


This is how computers begin to understand human body language, bridging machines and humans with the goal of interpreting human gestures via
mathematical algorithms. Human hand gestures such as wave, grab and move, as well as face, eye and finger motions allow us to interact with our
devices without actually touching them.

We use Leap Motion and Kinect to understand the gesture inputs. We modelled a 3D car, and added features like opening/closing of doors, changing
colour/, turning on the headlights. All of this at the wave of a hand!


These configurators feel real and define depth, perspectives accurately like no other medium. They facilitate dragging and dropping the furnishing
elements onto the 3D space and arrange them in various orientations, change colors, textures and many more useful tools to help arrange various
configurations and let a user pick the one they like.

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Our design practice covers the length from physical to digital design, with expertise and experience, from thought to craft.

Design Practices

Our design practice covers the length from physical to digital design, with expertise and experience, from thought to craft.

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