November 8th – 10th 

Spread Design Barn

A DesignSense workshop to tackle a challenge pertinent to our times. Calling all changemakers, responsible citizens and aspiring Design Thinkers to solve problems through Responsible Design.

Waste plus water management and sanitation continue to be complex unresolved issues in our country.  A transdiciplinary collective will take up this challenge, learn and apply the Design Sense method.

We will together develop holistic solutions that can be shaped into tangible prototypes and projects. Discover design sense, or design as a deeply ingrained, natural adaptive sense honed by a conscious and constant effort to feel deeply, think imaginatively and do the seemingly unthinkable.

You will learn to:

  • Design for behaviour change
  • Create opportunities where others see problems
  • Adopt and apply a holistic, dynamic, creative and humanitarian approach
  • Work with your heart, mind and feet; with other changemakers

This workshop is inspired by Bapu

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