Making Design Accessible

A space for everyone designed ground up to spread design! A dream. A vision, a safe place to dream big bold dreams and shape creative ideas.
A convergence of creative minds, creative technologies, and infinite possibilities. To open minds and markets, to be exponential. An open space to learn, create and spread. A design resource, a creative co-working space open to everyone.

Spread design as a way to feel, think and do things. The Spread Design Barn is India’s first independent design center, a training / learning / incubation / creative co-working space.

It hosts monthly design immersion events for design enthusiasts and has a calendar of activities that are open to, children, professionals, entrepreneurs and even CEOs.
The Spread Design Barn is consciously designed as a free-flowing, reflective and multifunctional space, with an organic and artisanal aesthetic. That is integrated with tech and new media; ideal for creative events, installations,
and exhibits. With movable furniture, easels, soft boards, a stage, and most importantly- flexible set-ups, we host demos, product showcases/launches, workshops, classes, and much more.

Who is it for?

Spread Design Barn is a place for children, students, youth, entrepreneurs, and leaders – to discover their creative strengths, develop creative talents, learn new age skills, acquire entrepreneurial abilities.


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